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Vintage Kanawha Glass White / Blue Swirled Mini Pitcher - Excellent Condition Normal Wear - See Photos - Measures 4" W x 4" H ... Valuable estate sale discovery great collectible ... Item 122 ... Free Shipping 


Kanawha glass art is a type of glass art that is produced in the Kanawha Valley region of West Virginia. The region is known for its rich history of glassmaking, and Kanawha glass artists are known for their innovative and creative designs.


Kanawha glass art is made using a variety of techniques, including blowing, fusing, and slumping. Kanawha glass artists often use recycled glass in their work, which gives their pieces a unique and sustainable quality.


Kanawha glass art is known for its vibrant colors and intricate patterns. Kanawha glass artists often depict scenes from nature or traditional West Virginia symbols in their work. Kanawha glass art is often used to create vases, bowls, plates, and other decorative items.


Kanawha glass art is a popular art form in West Virginia, and it is also highly sought-after by collectors. Kanawha glass artists often exhibit their work at art galleries and craft shows throughout the United States.

Vintage Kanawha Glass White / Blue Swirled Mini Pitcher

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