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Tin Toy 1940 Walking Pig J Chein - Rare - Good Condition Normal Wear See Photos - Windup Toy, Untested - Measures 4.5" H x 3" W ... On-average for the last 65 years, vintage collectibles and many estate sale items appreciate in value at a rate of 5-10% per annual ... FREE SHIPPING 


J Chein tin toys are known for their bright colors, intricate designs, and mechanical features. They were made from stamped and lithographed tin, and were often powered by wind-up mechanisms. Chein toys were popular in the United States from the 1930s through the 1950s, and many of them are now considered to be collectibles.


Some of the most popular J Chein tin toys include:

  • Windup cars and trucks: These toys were typically powered by a wind-up mechanism that would propel them forward. They were often decorated with bright colors and realistic details.
  • Wind-up animals: These toys were also powered by wind-up mechanisms, and would often move or perform some sort of action when wound up. Some popular examples include the walking penguin, the hopping bunny, and the dancing clown.
  • Wind-up robots: These toys were more complex than other wind-up toys, and often featured multiple moving parts. Some popular examples include the robot spaceman and the robot drummer.
  • Spinning tops: Chein also made a variety of spinning tops, which were popular with children of all ages. These tops were often decorated with colorful designs and characters.


J Chein tin toys are not only fun to play with, but they are also beautiful and collectible items. They are a reminder of a simpler time, and they continue to be enjoyed by people of all ages today.


Tin Toy 1940 Walking Pig J Chein - Rare

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