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Star Wars Han Solo Vintage Toy 1997 Hasbro w/ Box - Good Condition, Visible Wear on Box, See Photos ... Collectibles have 6% annualized return since 1910 - FREE SHIPPING 


The 1997 Hasbro Star Wars "Power of the Force" line featured a vintage-style Han Solo action figure, capturing the iconic smuggler's appearance from the original trilogy. This figure typically came with a blaster accessory and sometimes included a "freeze frame" action feature, allowing collectors to recreate the carbonite freezing scene. Part of a broader wave of figures aimed at both kids and nostalgic adult fans, this Han Solo toy evokes the classic Kenner designs while incorporating updated articulation and sculpting techniques. Now considered a collectible, the 1997 Han Solo figure holds a special place in the hearts of Star Wars enthusiasts and toy collectors alike, representing a beloved character and a specific era of toy manufacturing.

Star Wars Han Solo Vintage Toy 1997 Hasbro w/ Box

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