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Sioux Pottery Rapid City South Dakota Hand Crafted Signed Marion Selwyn Art - Good Condition A Few Marks Visible but Good Condition See Photos ... Valuable estate sale discovery great collectible  ... FREE SHIPPING 


Sioux Pottery is a Native American-owned and operated pottery company located in Rapid City, South Dakota. The company was founded in 1958 by a group of Lakota Sioux artists who were seeking to preserve their cultural heritage through pottery.


Sioux Pottery is known for its unique and colorful designs, which are inspired by traditional Lakota art and symbolism. The company's most popular products include plates, bowls, vases, and jewelry.


Sioux Pottery is a major employer in the Rapid City area, and its products are sold in stores and galleries across the United States. The company is committed to preserving Lakota culture and tradition, and its pottery is a beautiful and lasting expression of the Lakota people's artistic heritage.


Visitors to Sioux Pottery can tour the factory and see how the pottery is made. The company also offers a variety of classes and workshops on Lakota art and culture.


Sioux Pottery is a unique and valuable cultural asset, and its products are a beautiful and lasting reminder of the Lakota people's rich heritage.


Sioux Pottery Rapid City South Dakota Hand Crafted Signed Art

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