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Lionel Train Caboose Prewar 1682 - Metal Good Condition, 1930s Visible Wear See Photos 9" L x 3" H ... Collectible antiques and vintage items have 9% to 5% annualized return since 1910 - FREE SHIPPING ... Checkout More Collectibles


The Lionel prewar 1682 caboose is a treasured piece of toy train history, sought after by collectors for its charming design and nostalgic appeal. Produced in the 1930s and early 1940s, this tinplate caboose features vibrant red paint, beige windows, and often black rooftops. Its classic lines and sturdy construction exemplify the craftsmanship of the era. Variations exist, including those with "Lionel Lines" or "New York Central Lines" markings, adding to its collectability. Whether displayed as part of a vintage layout or cherished as a standalone piece, the Lionel 1682 caboose represents a bygone era of toy train manufacturing and evokes fond memories for generations of enthusiasts.

Lionel Train Caboose Prewar 1682

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