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Batman 100th Edition Vintage Toy 1996 In Box - Kenner Hasbro Good Condition, Visible Wear on Box See Photos ... Collectibles have 6% annualized return since 1910 - FREE SHIPPING 


The Batman 100th Edition Vintage Toy, released by Kenner (under Hasbro) in 1996, marked a significant milestone in the history of Batman action figures. This limited edition figure celebrated a century of Batman's presence in popular culture, paying homage to the iconic superhero's enduring legacy. The figure featured a classic Batman design with intricate detailing and a Batarang accessory. Packaged on a commemorative cardback highlighting its 100th-edition status, it quickly became a sought-after collectible for fans and enthusiasts. Today, the Batman 100th Edition Vintage Toy remains a cherished item, representing a unique moment in the history of Batman memorabilia and the longstanding partnership between Kenner and the Caped Crusader.

Batman 100th Edition Vintage Toy 1996 with Box

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