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Art Original Oil on Canvas Painting Signed by H.J. Topman 1930 - Oil Painting in Good Condition with wood Frame that's chipping - SEE PHOTOS - Measures 24" H x 20" W ... On-average for the last 65 years, collectibles and many estate sale items appreciate in value at a rate of 5-10% per annual ... FREE SHIPPING 


H. J. Topman (1907-?) was a Dutch artist who was known for his figure and genre paintings. He was born in the Netherlands in 1907 and studied art at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. After graduating, Topman began working as a professional artist. He exhibited his work in a number of galleries and museums in the Netherlands and abroad.


Topman's paintings are typically characterized by their realistic style and their focus on everyday life. He often painted scenes of people working, playing, and interacting with each other. His paintings are also known for their warm colors and their sense of humor.


Some of Topman's most popular paintings include:

  • Card Game (1950): This painting depicts three elderly men playing cards in a smoky tavern. The men are all dressed in their best clothes, and they are clearly enjoying themselves.
  • The Market (1955): This painting depicts a busy market scene with people selling and buying fruits, vegetables, and other goods. The painting is full of color and activity.
  • The Village Dance (1960): This painting depicts a village dance with people of all ages dancing and enjoying themselves. The painting is full of life and energy.


Topman's paintings are a valuable record of Dutch life in the early 20th century. They are also a pleasure to look at, with their vibrant colors and their sense of humor.


Here is a summary of H. J. Topman's artistic style:

  • Realism: Topman's paintings were typically characterized by their realistic style. He often painted scenes of everyday life in a way that was both accurate and engaging.
  • Focus on everyday life: Topman's paintings often focused on everyday life and the people who lived it. He painted scenes of people working, playing, and interacting with each other.
  • Warm colors: Topman's paintings were often known for their warm colors. He used a variety of colors to create a sense of warmth and happiness in his paintings.
  • Sense of humor: Topman's paintings often had a sense of humor. He would often paint funny or unexpected scenes that would make the viewer smile.


H. J. Topman was a talented artist who created paintings that are both beautiful and informative. His work is a valuable record of Dutch life in the early 20th century, and it continues to be enjoyed by people of all ages today.


Art Original Oil on Canvas Painting Signed by H.J. Topman

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