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1945 Book Buckeye Tales by Royner Fink - Rare - Good Condition, Visible Wear See Photos, binding and pages in good condition ... Collectible antiques have a 9% to 5.5% annualized return since 1910 - FREE SHIPPING


"Buckeye Tales," penned by Royner Fink in 1945, is a captivating collection of stories that delve into the rich cultural and historical tapestry of Ohio, affectionately known as the Buckeye State. Fink's work shines with a blend of folklore, local legends, and historical anecdotes that paint a vivid picture of Ohio's diverse heritage. Each tale is crafted with a keen attention to detail, reflecting Fink's deep appreciation for the region's traditions and its people. The book captures the essence of Ohioan life, from its rural landscapes and small-town charm to the vibrant industrial cities that characterize the state. Through "Buckeye Tales," readers are transported into the heart of Ohio's past, gaining insight into the events and characters that have shaped its identity. Fink's storytelling not only entertains but also preserves the unique spirit of Ohio for future generations, making it a cherished addition to the state's literary canon.

1945 Book Buckeye Tales by Royner Fink - Rare

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