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1922 Book Puss In Boots Painting & Drawing Saalfield Publishing Co. 10" W x 8" H good condition, visible wear, binding fair, pages no tears ... wonderful collectible with beautiful illustration drawings ... FREE SHIPPING 


The 1922 book Puss in Boots is a beautifully illustrated children's book published by Saalfield Publishing Company. The book features full-page color illustrations by the renowned artist Charles Livingston Bull.


The story is a classic fairy tale about a clever cat who helps his master, a poor miller's son, to win the hand of a princess. The book is written in simple language that is easy for children to understand, and the illustrations are both charming and exciting.


The book begins with the miller's son inheriting nothing but a cat from his father. The cat, however, is no ordinary cat. He is intelligent and resourceful, and he is determined to help his master make a better life for himself.


The cat tricks the king into believing that his master is a wealthy landowner named the Marquis of Carabas. He then arranges for the king and princess to meet the Marquis, and the princess is immediately smitten with him.


The cat then defeats a giant ogre who owns a castle and a large estate. He then tricks the ogre into giving him the castle and estate, and he presents them to the Marquis as a gift.


The king is so impressed with the Marquis's wealth and generosity that he agrees to give him his daughter's hand in marriage. The Marquis and the princess are married, and they live happily ever after.


The 1922 book Puss in Boots is a timeless classic that is sure to entertain children of all ages. The story is full of adventure, humor, and romance, and the illustrations are simply stunning.

1922 Book Puss In Boots Painting & Drawing Saalfield Publishing Co.

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