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1820 Canada 1/2 Cent Coin - Fair to Good Condition See Photos ... Item 148 ... Valuable estate sale discovery great collectible  ... FREE SHIPPING 


The 1820 Canada 1/2 cent coin is a historical Canadian coin that was minted in copper. It features the bust of King George III on the obverse side, and the words "HALF PENNY" and "1820" on the reverse side. This coin was part of a series of half cent coins that were issued by the British colony of Canada, which was then known as Lower Canada.


The 1820 Canada 1/2 cent coin has numismatic value as a rare and historic coin. The value of this coin can vary depending on its condition, rarity, and demand from collectors. As of 2021, a circulated 1820 Canada 1/2 cent coin can be worth several hundred dollars, while an uncirculated specimen can be worth several thousand dollars or more. As with any collectible item, it is important to have a reputable appraiser or dealer evaluate the coin to determine its true value.


1820 Canada 1/2 Cent Coin

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